VRx Next app can even help to lets users design a kitchen or bathroom, and in certain stores, they can use an Oculus Rift DK2 to see a VR rendering of the design. They can even view the design at home using 360 video and Google Cardboard. Again, visualization is an area of strength for VR. Helping customers match flooring, fixtures, cabinetry, and lighting could help them come to a decision faster.


What if students can carry out the experiments of chemistry/physics, or even study microscopic elements of cell. Any time any place they want even in the remotest areas of our world.
How interesting it would be if a 3000 year old Persian mummy starts telling her own story by just pointing a camera on her, in a museum near you.
As a social responsibility VRx Next is providing free app to all the students for learning, research and development activities.


Unlike VR, AR wasn’t necessarily created with entertainment in mind. However, after the world wide success of Niantic’s Pokémon GO, would you like to play Harry Potter themed app that will allow players to cast spells on real life items.

VRx Next is working with big Bollywood banners to help them “Augment” the posters of the new releases – wherein in pointing the mobile device to the poster, the trailer shows up or run contests, where they can stand a chance to win free tickets to the movie or get a chance to get in touch with the movie star cast. Bringing in more visibility to the social media pages of the movie


One of the biggest hurdles in print media is the limitation of the content we can shear. VRx Next helps to build reader engagement by making articles engaging and make them alive it can also help to understand what readers are engaging the most with, what articles are popular and focus on those.. Engaged readers are loyal and profitable. Make sharing of articles on the social media very easy, thereby increasing its reach and reader base.
VRx Next can make making advertisements alive, thereby adding a lot of value to advertisers by getting readers to engage in a call-to-action. Result : Happy advertisers!! as it’s another way to distribute a lot of digital content that’s already been developed and investments made.


VRx Next24 app designed to enhance healthcare, a video support platform for surgeons that functions via Google Glass. When performing surgery, a less experienced surgeon can use the app as a guide. Through VRx Next, a more experienced surgeon in a different location is able to show the wearer how to complete the surgery via augmented hands projected onto the patient. We are also developing another app which helps doctors and nurses to find patients’ veins quickly and without causing them any pain.


House hunters are already used to looking at pictures of properties on sites like Property Bazar etc. Of course, nothing replaces the real thing, but visuals do play a role in deciding whether to even bother visiting a location.
VRx Next could give people the ability to stand inside a house or apartment without leaving their home or office. You Visit offers the ability to view 360 videos pictures of some listings. With VRx Next camera and cloud software used to stitch videos, agents can show off homes in 3D.


In retail, VRx Next is working in ways that help businesses move customers through the purchase funnel. For example, augmented reality our app offers what it calls a AVRMirror — essentially the user can look into a tablet and use the app to change eye color, makeup and the like. The crazy thing is it looks pretty real. Think about it like this: It’s a lot easier to spend money on an expensive lipstick when you know it’s going to look good on you. We can even coustomize it so that let you try hair color, nail colors, or even dresses.
We have tie ups with leading fashion brands to provide them custom t-shirts, bags, logos etc.. like RANg, Banarasi, fit T etc.


Do you wanna know that the dish you are ordering in your favrate rastorent, how will it look like, or may be you are not sure the name of the dish you ordered last time but you can see and recognize it when pointing your camera on the menu card.
You can also see that how your pizza or cake that you ordered will look, when it will be delivered to your home on those lazy Sundays.
One app has it all VRx Next.