Virtual reality applications can be extremely useful to architectures and businesses. Clients can create a virtual project of their construction site, factories, industrial sites, hotels, real estate, rooms and restaurants. These virtual projects can help your consumers visualize the project in the real world.

VR visualizations are the powerful tools of communication between designers and clients that evoke the innate response in the same manner the actual architecture can.

Featuring one of the most efficient usages of VR technology, Program-Ace develops VR software for surgical operations (ex. robotic surgery, procedure simulations) and skills mastering.

Adrenaline-filled experiences with a full-fledged immersion are just what gamers and hedonists need.

The VR prototyping of potentially hazardous products or dangerous equipment that has to be tested before use, interactive presentations of complex hardware.

Virtual test drive of vehicles before releasing it for mass consumption allows for huge saving of the constructor’s time and money.

Virtual reality is a close call during and beyond the complete crop production process, including virtual crop monitoring, weather forecast, livestock monitoring, staff training.

Our team creates virtual tours allowing travelers to experience a destination before booking a trip, 3D interactive visualizations for real-life experiences of distant locales.

Program-Ace takes advantage of VR developing interactive presentations and promotional games to introduce audiences to brands/products in a more engaging way.